f you no longer wish to use the Cooperative’s services, you have three options:

- you wish to close your account, but remain a member of Ouvaton.
- you wish to close your account and leave Ouvaton by donating your share.
- you wish to close your account and leave Ouvaton by asking for the return of your share.

n all cases, you have to delete your files (by FTP), your databases, your mailboxes and your domain management.

When everything is clean, click on “Supprimer mon compte”.

Be careful, these operations can’t be undone.

When the cleaning is done, you must inform us of your decision concerning your shares.

- if you decide to remain a member (without using the services), just send us a note (assistance@listes.ouvaton.coop) to inform us.

By remaining a member, you will receive the information bulletins to the members, especially concerning the General Assembly.

- if you do not remain a member, you indicate via the link “Mes parts sociales” in the left menu of OuvAdmin. In this page, click on “Je veux quitter la coopérative”.
Two possibilities then:

  • you decide to donate your share(s) to Ouvaton: you will have to check “donation”, then click on “I leave the cooperative”.
  • you ask for the reimbursement of your share(s), you will have to check “reimbursement”.
    Please note that the refund can only take place after the General Assembly which will take stock of the year during which you have left the Coop. Each year, at the General Assembly, the value of the share is recalculated, plus or minus according to the results. This value voted at the GA is used to calculate the amount of refunds requested during the previous year.

Therefore, an average delay of 16 months should be expected before the reimbursement. The request for reimbursement supposes, moreover, that you do not owe anything to the cooperative.

If, for any reason, you no longer have access to your panel, you can apply by mail or email using the templates in the attached document.

Attached documents

Templates of departure texts in french (PDF – 31.1 kb)