Our offer : 2,92 € HT / month

payable yearly : 35 € excl. taxes / year

    • 3 hosting domains (a hosting domain allows you to manage DNS records, create sites, email addresses, etc., using a domain name)
    • as many https sites and email addresses on these domains as you want
    • 1 SQL database (MariaDB)
    • 1 mailing list domain (no limit to the number of lists on this domain)
    • 5 Go for all your sites and SQL databases
    • 5 Go for all your emails and mailing lists
    • statistics on the number of visitors to your sites
    • daily backup of all your data

For specific needs of disk space (large volume) and/or resources (virtual machine), feel free to contact us, we can discuss together about a customized offer.

Possibility to acquire domain names via Ouvaton (see below).

Ouvaton’s offer is a shared hosting offer based essentially on Free Software.

Need more … ?

At Ouvaton, you only pay for what you really need.

You decide whether you want to buy or not. You only have to add the options you need (and, if you don’t need them anymore, to delete them before the annual invoice is issued). These prices are per year, exclusive of tax and always prorated to the time used (per indivisible month):

+ 1 SQL database 2,1 €
+ 1 domain name hosting 1 €
+ 1 Go for your sites OR your emails 8,5 €
+ 5 Go for your sites OR your emails 15 €
+ 10 Go for your sites OR your emails 25 €
+ 20 Go for your sites OR your emails 40 €
+ 1 mailing list domain 4,2 €

Examples (with a renewal date of the base plate on October 1st):

Example 1: adding from March 1 to September 30 1 GB for your mails will cost you €4.25 excl. tax (€5.10 incl. VAT) more for the year.

Example 2: adding 20 GB from May 1st to September 30th will cost you 13.34 € HT (16.00 € TTC) more for the year.

The above rates are those applicable to cooperators.

The goal of the price list is to be as close as possible to what you consume. Ouvaton’s tariff offer is flexible and you can compose it according to your needs.

Volume overruns

ATTENTION: to encourage the control of consumption, the overruns of web and mail space are penalized, watch your volumes and adapt your options!

Punctual overrun of web and/or mail space: each day of overrun, for each MB over your maximum authorized space, a rate 10 times higher than that of an additional space option will be applied (for example, an overrun of 50 MB during a month costs 0,70 € each month).

Purchase of domain names

Within the framework of a partnership with the company Gandi, you can acquire and renew, at an discount price, domain names via Ouvaton. The acquisition operation is carried out in OuvAdmin, in the Domains menu.


As domain name prices are subject to change, they are displayed up to date – for each extension – on Ouvadmin.

As an indication, prices for the purchase, renewal or transfer of a domain name according to its extension (TLD) on 01 February 2021 (non-exhaustive list, the complete list is available on OuvAdmin).

Prices pour 1 an excl. taxes
Top Level Domain Achat Renouvellement Transfert
.com 9 € 9 € 9 €
.org 11,5 € 13 € 13 €
.net 12 € 14 € 12 €
.info 16 € 16 € 16 €
.fr 9 € 9 € 9 €
.ch 9 € 12 € 9 €
.eu 9 € 9 € 9 €
.bzh 45 € 45 € 45 €
.pro 16 € 16 € 16 €
.xyz 11 € 11 € 11 €
.coop 65 € 65 € 65 €


CMS updates

We can upgrade your CMS (SPIP, Joomla, etc) to its latest stable version.

The rate applied is as follows:

  • 30 € excl. tax, invoiced regardless of the time spent (evaluation costs)
  • 15 € excl. tax per quarter of an hour (i.e. 60€ per hour), any quarter of an hour started being due
  • Your prior agreement is required to commit to 3-hour periods of work

The service will be carried out within 7 days from the date of payment of the invoice.

These services only concern the CMS engine and its plugins and maintained graphic themes, and do not extend to plugins and obsolete graphic themes. If the graphic theme of the site depends on a plugin/theme that is not compatible with the latest stable version of the CMS, or if it is a custom theme, we will not take care of the update of this plugin/theme, and the appearance of the site after the update may be different.