At Ouvaton we try to issue you only one invoice per year, on the anniversary date of your account creation.

It is a few days after your anniversary date that your annual invoice (including the amount of your options if so: disk space, mysql databases, …) is edited and made available on OuvAdmin (you are informed by email).

It is therefore important, before your anniversary date, to check that your active options are those you want. (The first six digits of your member number indicate the date your account was opened).

However, it also happens that you have overruns (web space, mail space or traffic overruns). These overruns are counted every 1st of the month.
– If their amount exceeds 5 €, then they are invoiced immediately.
– Otherwise, a small billing line is created, waiting for another line to be added later, and the total exceeds the 5 € threshold.

When you order new options (mysql base, extra disk space or traffic, …) we create a billing line whose amount corresponds to the price of the option prorata temporis between the time of purchase of your option, and your next anniversary date.

Again, as long as the different billing lines do not exceed the 5 € threshold, no invoice is issued.

Payment term

From the moment you have an invoice issued, you have 60 days to pay it. Every Tuesday morning, our closing script closes all accounts that have unpaid invoices older than 60 days. Your websites, email addresses, domains, FTP access, … are then immediately unusable.


Just pay an invoice and your account will be automatically reopened.

Paper invoice

We don’t send them, but it’s easy to print your invoice if necessary: you will find in OuvAdmin >>> Mes factures a button that will allow you to display the invoice in .pdf format and to print it.